D’abord, parlons des choses sérieuses. Le G8 étant ce qu’il est, à la fois inutile, inefficace et parfois significatif pour le climat qu’il restitue, on y retrouve la “nouvelle peur” qui grandit, comme nous le notions hier, concernant une nouvelle catastrophe. WSWS.org le note, ce 9 juillet 2009:

«The stakes are high. Despite the best attempts by Berlusconi and other G8 heads of state to put the best face on the crisis and stress the significance of alleged “green shoots” of growth, the summit is dominated by the deepening financial crisis. »On the eve of the summit, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared that a second wave of the financial crisis was imminent, while World Trade Organization chief Pascal Lamy warned that “the worst of the crisis in social terms is still to come, which means that the worst of the crisis in political terms is still to come.”»

L’été est traditionnelement la meilleure periode pour acheter de l’or.

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